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Kitchen pantry organizers

Kitchen pantry organizers

Soon after I decided to dive into organizing the pantry, I quickly realized that I would need to invest a little money to help. I can easily imagine completely outfitting the pantry with all the cool gadgets and extras, but I didn’t need all the bells and whistles. I really only needed a few things to get the pantry in tip top shop.

We don’t have a ton of canned food – probably should have more –  but we didn’t even know what we had because we couldn’t see all the labels. The easiest fix for this was to get a canned food riser. We also have spice risers and love them.

The messiest part about our pantry was all the loose bags – they definitely needed some bins. And of coarse, there are also all those small boxes, you know the ones – they have 6 individually wrapped items and take up extra space. Our small boxes were stacking up – so using a bin was perfect to declutter the granola bars, raisins, and so much more~ I even splurged on getting some new bins for Quinn’s stuff, our preschool aged daughter is all about crafting (wonder who she got that from!). The red canvas box did the trick for a while, but it was leaving red marks on the pantry shelf – not good.

Once the bins were full of stuff and in place, I needed a way to quickly know what was inside. There are several wonderful options for labeling bins, but I went with what I had on hand. And being sort of an office-nerd, I have several different sizes of Avery sticker labels.

Check out these great organizers! For a quick visual of all of them, just scroll down to the inspiration board.

Clear bins

Grey plastic basket bins

Clear Lazy-Susan

White bins – 6 pack

Canned food adjustable riser

Stackable wood bins

Wire basket with copper handles

Grey and white woven basket

For more pantry organization inspiration:
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