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Daughter of the King DIY party

Daughter of the King DIY party room

Daughter of the King DIY party

This DIY party is probably the simplest party I’ve done so far, but it is also the richest in meaning. Daughter of the King refers to women believers in Jesus Christ. As a daughter of the King, we will inherit heaven one day and we also acknowledge all the blessings we receive here on earth because of His love for us. There are many scriptures that speak to who God says we are, and we are His children (daughters and sons). There is so much promise and meaning in being a child of God. If you’re a follower of Christ and want to host a meaningful DIY party for your friends, this may be a party plan to consider.

Daughter of the King DIY party

The concept started after going through a Bible study on the book of Revelations. It was such a powerful study for me, and it made that last book in the Bible much easier to understand. I still have questions and lack knowledge, but I imagine I’ll always be learning. The book of Revelation describes what heaven will look like when God creates a new heaven and earth. The structure is a perfect square, and the walls are made up of 12 gemstones. The gold is so bright that it appears clear in color (not the yellow alloy we see) and the door is a huge pearl. That’s a simplification to all the details and descriptions given in the book, but it inspired me to have my friends create our own gemstone bracelets for the DIY craft.

Daughter of the King DIY party

The description of heaven also inspired the invitation. I found clear cubes from Temu and little gold crowns from Etsy. Purple is a color representing royalty, so I lined the bottom of the cube with purple ribbon and enclosed the cube with a purple wax seal. I created the invitation on, printed it, and rolled it to fit inside the crown. It was so fun to make, and I really enjoyed the simple touches of symbolism represented in just the invitation.

Daughter of the King DIY party floral arrangement
Daughter of the King DIY party

I usually like to add a few decorative touches to my DIY parties, so I stuck with simple things and used the color purple in the floral arrangements and gold in the streamers. Using streamers or crepe paper is a very inexpensive way to add some flair to any party. To create a whimsical backdrop to our party table, I hung cream and gold streamers from fishing line – super easy and I’m also using them for our daughter’s graduation BBQ. I love arranging flowers, so I found a mixed bouquet at the grocery store with plenty of purple flowers. I didn’t think one mixed bouquet would be enough to create two centerpieces, so I grabbed some purple alstroemerias and cut some greenery from our yard to add filler.

Daughter of the King DIY party beads tray
Daughter of the King DIY party

For the DIY craft, I just looked up the gemstones listed in Revelation, and then found them on Etsy. Some gemstones listed don’t exist in the form of beads, so I just went by the color description to represent those gemstones. We used stretch string with superglue on the knot, and we had some silver spacers to add some detail to the bracelet design. Making stretch bracelets is a great DIY for all ages and the size can be customized for each person’s wrist. I hope that the gemstone bracelet will serve as a reminder of what God will be creating for us for eternity.

Daughter of the King DIY party berry box with snacks
Daughter of the King DIY party snack
Daughter of the King DIY party charcuterie ingredients

Every party has food and drink, but food and drink have never been the focus of my DIY parties. I still like to think of something nice and easy to serve for whatever season we’re in. Each person got a wooden berry box (decorated with gold leaf) with my favorite Belvoir elderflower rose lemonade, SmartPop popcorn, and a charcuterie cup. I also set up a drink station with ice water and diffused water (watermelon, strawberries, and basil). I found these napkins on Amazon and thought they’d be lovely for this party (and for my daughter’s lunchbox every day). These boxes were assembled that morning, but I washed and dried the fruit the night before to speed things up.

Daughter of the King DIY party drink station
Daughter of the King DIY party

For the DIY craft, I divided the beads and set them all in a tray. It’s easiest to line up the beads for a bracelet to see how the colors looked together and then add them to the stretch string. Once you think you have enough for your bracelet, wrap it around your wrist and either tie it off, remove beads, or add beads. Once the knot is set, I used some E600 glue on the knot to help it from slipping out. The gemstones were all around the same size (about 5mm) and I added faceted mother of pearl beads and crystal-clear beads to fully represent the vision of heaven explained in the book of Revelation.

Daughter of the King DIY party
Daughter of the King DIY party

Time spent with friends, creating a keepsake, and enjoying a small snack is always a good time to me. As with all my party plans, I hope you find inspiration and ideas. You can always do more, or less for your own parties, but I hope you try hosting your own DIY party. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and if you host a party like this, be sure to tag me on socials so that I can enjoy your interpretation and party design! If you enjoyed this post and want to stay in the know of my upcoming parties, projects, and decorating ideas, be sure to sign up for my free email. You can shop this post here.

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