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How to style a peg rail

how to style a peg rail

How to style a peg rail

Don’t you just love it when a design has both style and function. I’m not opposed to using décor for beauty purposes alone, but I aim for equal parts functionality and aesthetics whenever possible. The shaker-style peg rail is incredibly versatile in that it can cross over many decorating styles and it’s such a helpful and useful design piece. I have found some gorgeous examples of how to style a peg rail and I’m so excited to show you just how easy it is to create your own modern peg rail (post coming soon).

How to style a peg rail

In the home we’re building there’s a strange little nook in the powder room entrance. The building company doesn’t allow anyone to make changes to any walls and any customization is very limited so we have to decide what to do with this strange little corner. Our entryway isn’t exactly narrow, but it’s not quite wide enough to have a bench, and there’s no coat closet – so the weird little corner seems like a good place to hang jackets, purses, etc. So I’m thinking a peg rail will work great in this little space.

Modern peg rails are a great fit for modern farmhouses. The simple shaker style peg rail is truly farmhouse style and putting a modern twist on it also makes it a great fit for modern farmhouse design. To make a peg rail modern, you can use straight pegs, no curves. You can also add a shelf and leave off brackets – the simple lines of this design gives it a modern edge. If you stain the wood or leave it natural, you will get a little more farmhouse style out of it. I think painting it to match the wall color may be the most modern color choice if you want a more modern look.

I have found gorgeous styling examples for almost every room for different styles and different looks. Just remember that not every peg has to be used, but they can be if you want. Notice how some decorators will layer a few items on just one peg while others will use only one peg for a minimal design. Some of these peg rails are ever changing – like the ones in the mudrooms and entryways. However, some of them are more static and organize brooms, dusters, dustpans, etc. I love the versatility and easy organization that peg rails offer.

How to style a peg rail

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I just love all these peg rails and how beautifully they’re styled! I’m also considering a peg rail for the girls’ bathroom to hold towels, robes, and other fun decorative items. Thanks for checking out my round-up, I hope they’ve inspired you as much as they have inspired me. Be sure to subscribe to my email list because I will soon have a post about how to create your own modern peg rail – the delay is because of some trial and error. So be sure to check out my tutorial and avoid my mistakes~

Here are some peg rails and some of my favorite finds to style your own peg rail.

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