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How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4

Do you love moss bowls, but cringe at the price tag? If that’s you, I feel you! It’s just moss and a bowl, right? Well, if you’re interested in a living moss bowl, check out this post by Doreen of Hymns and Verses – it’s a lovely project to create. This DIY project is using preserved sheet moss and some household items that most people have on hand. You’ll want to shop your house to find a bowl or vessel to display the moss, but if you like my paper mache bowl, you’ll want to subscribe to my blog because that project is coming up. Disclaimer: I did NOT make the one pictured, but I’m determined to recreate one just like it. Paper mache bowls are also crazy expensive, so I’m going to work on saving you money on that decor DIY as well. This is going to be a short post, it’s almost too easy, and it’s only $4 for this beautiful piece of decor!

Before we get into this simple and beautiful DIY decor project, let’s look at some of the moss bowls you can buy (for a lot of money)! Aren’t they pretty? Now let’s make our own for $4!

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4 – Supplies:

When beginning any DIY, we need to gather our supplies. And I think you’re going to love how quickly and inexpensively these supplies come together! Please gather the following items:

  • A bowl or vessel to hold the moss
  • Preserved dried sheet moss (or any preserved moss of your choosing)
  • Plastic and paper grocery bags

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4 – Shop:

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How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4 – Tutorial:

The steps are super easy, no glue, no fuss, just some repurposing!

  1. Take your bowl or vessel and fill it with scrunched up paper bags, plastic bags, packing foam, etc.
  2. With your bowl filled almost to the top, take plastic grocery bags and fold the handles inside the bag and shape each one around the bowl – forming a slight dome with the plastic.
  3. Once the bowl has a dome at the top, unwrap the sheet moss and place a layer on top of the dome – add it to the side first (not the center).
  4. Gently tear off excess moss from the edges so that it all fits inside the bowl.
  5. Cover the plastic bag dome with pieces of sheet moss until it’s covered. It’s OK to tuck flaps of moss under each other and around the edge of the bowl.
  6. Once the moss covers the dome, use your fingertips to fluff up the moss. This helps hide the seams as well as giving the moss its natural look.

How to Make a Moss Bowl for $4 – Video:

Did you know that I love getting questions? Well, I really do. I get the most from YouTube and then Instagram, and the occasional question from Pinterest. I also love getting texts from friends and family asking about decor or brainstorming a design concept. Who doesn’t love giving their opinion? If you have any questions, please feel comfortable asking at the end of my blog in the comment section. And in anticipation of a few possible questions about this post, I’ll cover them now.

Q: How many moss bowls is too many to have around the house?
A: This number doesn’t exist.

Q: Should I buy $8 sheet moss when I can get it for about $4?
A: No one would ask this, but the answer is obvious.

Q: What do I do once I’m done enjoying my moss bowl decor?
A: Give it to a friend! Store it for later. Recycle it.

Q: Should I make a moss bowl?
A: Yes, and then take a photo and tag me on Instagram!

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