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How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

Are you a crafter, do you enjoy getting crafty and using your hands to create? Yeah, me too, but it’s even better when there’s a purpose. I like how fast and imperfect junk journaling is, and there’s no wrong way to do it. So, I decided to create a little journal for my teenage daughter, with truth and encouragement built-in as well as a little bit of art for her to enjoy. I’m so excited to share how to junk journal with a purpose and I think you’re going to love the endless possibilities and how the concept can reshape itself into other forms of encouragement, like the lunch cards for my daughter starting second grade.

With the start of each school year there’s a mix of excitement and nerves, so it’s my hope to start the year off with encouragement, positivity, and the truth to help drown out the noise of everything else. The video below is short, and you will find out my two biggest junk journaling tips to get started. You don’t have to create an entire journal, you can create a junk collage on a card, notecard, piece of scrap paper, a bookmark, or anyplace you can tape things to! I love the idea of actually journalling in a junk journal but having time to do both during this season of my life isn’t realistic. So, when I’m feeling crafty and need a quick fix, junk journaling is my go-to and now I have more lunch notes to make, and I’m thinking some Christmas tags might be fun too.

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

How to Junk Journal with a Purpose – Supplies

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How to Junk Journal with a Purpose – How to Video

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How to Junk Journal with a Purpose

I have also gathered up some supplies in my Amazon storefront, but if you’re a crafter you probably have a ton of supplies that you could start using now. This technique is called junk journaling because the look and layouts aren’t perfect, it’s a collage effect that turns out beautiful, especially in a book format. I hope this post inspires you to find a way to make your crafting meaningful and encouraging to others. I am so excited to present the journal to Sawyer when the school year begins, and to sneak a lunch box note into Quinn’s lunch on the first day. If you’re looking for some great ways to gear up and prepare for the school year, check out my friend, Robyn’s post, she is a mom and teacher with some of the best advice I’ve read.

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