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How to Hide Technology Decor Hack

How to Hide Technology Decor Hack

How to Hide Technology Decor Hack

Alexa. Alexa. ALEXA!!! This is a common phrase in our home. It’s listening when we’re not talking to it, and sometimes doesn’t hear us when we are addressing it. Maybe it’s user-error! Either way, we use Alexa all the time, in several rooms of our home. My sweet husband is a tech guy and loves all the gadgets, so it should be no surprise that we got an Amazon Echo Dot when they came out. I admit, I have gotten accustomed to the advantages of having his techie devices all around, but I’m a decorator and these devices aren’t designed with my style in mind. So, if this is you as well, you may enjoy this post on how to hide technology decor hack.

How to Hide Technology Decor Hack
This is our Echo Dot – I believe it’s a first generation. It’s old, but it works perfectly.

I found the Echo Dot when we were unpacking and wasn’t sure where it should go. My husband said he didn’t have a place for it, so I brainstormed if I wanted it to go somewhere. To my surprise, I wanted it in the powder room, aka the guest bathroom. Our powder room is small, and it has a storage closet almost the same size (could have been a shower/tub), but powder rooms are such a quaint size to decorate and I wanted to make it a comfy space to do your business. Luckily, our powder room is at the front of the house, a ways from the family room and kitchen, but I still love the idea of creating an ambiance and comfort in this space for our guests.

For now, the powder room has a pedestal sink. We’re hoping to change that some day, but for now the only useable surface is around the sink or above the toilette. In addition to my technology decor hack, I added a floating shelf above the commode, as well as a little stool. As much as it pains me to see my family members take their phones into the restroom, it happens, so the stool is a little space to set down a phone or reading materials if they must be brought in. For a small space, these two small additions add a lot of function for us.

How to hide technology decor hack

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I went to Target in hopes of finding a small basket for my hack. I had one in mind that I’d noticed from a previous visit, but I wasn’t sure if the size would work out. I picked up this Opalhouse lidded basket, located in the bathroom section. I love the color and patten of this basket, and the size was perfect for this technology decor hack! Instead of explaining the very simple steps to complete this decor hack, I would love you to watch the short video. If you like it, please hit the like button, and feel free to share with your other technology friends~

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How to Hide Technology Decor Hack – more inspo!

So, if you don’t have an Echo Dot, I bet you have other technology that may be somewhat of an eyesore. There are many creative ways to hide our very necessary technology. I found the three ideas above on Pinterest and love how clever they are and how easy they are to create. Take a look around your home and look at your technology in a new way – maybe a prettier way! Be sure to subscribe for your weekly decorating and DIY inspiration and ideas.

The mirror is from HomeGoods – such a lucky find!

how to hide technology decor hack – Shop this space:

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