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How to DIY a Dining Table Floral Arch

How to DIY a Dining Table Floral Arch

At this point in my DIY journey, if I think I can make it and save money, I will give it a shot. When I found a metal over-the-table floral arch, the price seemed OK, but the reviews concerned me. Some people gave an average rating for a lack of stability and the pole sagging. And since my table is quite long, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk and I should just build my own. So, that’s what I did, for just $20!

Part of me dreads the trial-and-error part of designing and building, but the other part is energized by it because achieving success makes it all worth it. My first design toppled almost immediately, my second design got my on the right track, and the third time was the charm. My goal was to create a table arch that could be easily disassembled and stored, and cheap to make. Well, I found the cheapest most crooked wood at Home Depot and $20 later I had what I needed to create a raw wood table floral arch.

This arch fits over my Arhaus copycat vintage farmhouse dining table, and I’m hoping to also drag the table and arch outside for some alfresco dining soon. The arch can be decorated with branches, flowers, balloons, and more. The decorating possibilities are endless, and this arch can elevate any event very quickly. I created a YouTube video to show the steps, but here’s a cut list to help you if you want to design one to fit your table.

I will share the measurements of these cuts, but keep in mind that they’re to fit my table.

4 vertical posts – 72″

2 horizontal supports – 96″

2 bottom connectors – 24″

2 top connectors – 6″

Video tutorial

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The 5-minute video shows the steps to create your own arch and it’s a very quick process especially if you leave the wood raw like me. I also used screws and bolts that I had on hand which means they stick out further than necessary, but I’m OK with that. Using bolts allows me to easily disassemble the entire arch and store the straight boards when I don’t want to use it. It’s not fancy, it’s not complicated, and it was made in less than an hour – it’s a fun DIY to add a unique touch to any dinner, party, graduation, or event.

I hope this little project inspires your own creation – I’m thinking a mini one could be used to create a lemonade stand this summer or whatever Quinn wants to try to sell (or just give away which is what she usually does). With Mother’s Day around the corner, I will be sure to drag my set-up outside for some dining alfresco. This arch is difficult to photograph, especially with so much going on in the background, but I hope the video helps to show how it looks and enhances the table decoration.

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