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How to create a modern farmhouse wreath

How to create a modern farmhouse wreath

How to create a modern farmhouse wreath

There is a new trend for wreaths and I’m personally loving the simplicity and versatility of it. I have seen these wreaths classified as modern farmhouse or hoop wreaths, and they come in all different sizes. I love the concept and feel like anyone can put together a wreath like this. I didn’t use special equipment or need any instructions, and it requires less greenery to make so this style so it may be more affordable too. Even though it’s easy, I wanted to share how to create a modern farmhouse wreath.

how to create a modern farmhouse wreath

Here’s what I used to make my modern farmhouse wreath:

  • 23” hoop (mine is wood from a huge embroidering hoop, but brass hoops are also beautiful and less expensive at Hobby Lobby)
  • String (or wire)
  • Scissors
  • Greenery (flowers are optional)

How to create a modern farmhouse wreath

I started by selecting the location that would be the top of the wreath. Then I started building the bottom-side first. I just used two layers of greenery, and then popped in a few magnolia flowers at the end. My base layer had adorable thistles already built into it.

When building the greenery, it’s important to have ends of greenery pointing out both sides of your portion. I also wanted some pieces to stick out and fill out the space in the middle of my portion. The easiest way to achieve this is by using less greenery on your second layer and using shorter pieces. You don’t want to just layer end to end, you want it to be thicker towards the middle and look more sparse at the ends of the portion. Attach each layer of greenery using string or wire and be sure to attach wherever support is needed.

Once my bottom-right side was done, I worked on the top-left portion using even shorter lengths of greenery. Again, just two layers of greenery and the third layer has one magnolia flower. I used three flowers total – odd numbers are more visually appealing and to keep it simple, three was enough. Five magnolia flowers would have been too much for my taste, but you should play around with what looks pretty to you.

More inspiration

That’s it! This wreath has lived above my bed, in my dining room, in the built-in entryway bench, and on the front door (it’s pretty windy so not so long on the front door). I just adore this style and have found several styles to inspire you.

Martha Stewart

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