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Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

If you enjoy DIY projects with your kids, you will love this one! These easy DIY boho napkin rings are fun, affordable, and can be created very quickly. You will use a flattened paper towel or toilet paper tube to create the tassels – which my girls thought was so funny, well the six year old was laughing. I enjoy mixing styles, patterns, and moods throughout my decor and I just love the organic feel these wooden beads bring and how their shape and color add such a relaxed vibe for something as formal as cloth napkins. The cloth napkins pictured with these easy DIY boho napkin rings have a farmhouse vibe which shows you how versatile these rings are – they are so fun to mix with many different styles. And if they’re not your style, they make great gifts!

Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

I created a short video to show exactly how I make the twine tassel and connect it to the string of wooden beads – it’s so easy and they’re very secure with just a few knots. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my DIY and home decorating videos – be sure to get notifications so that you know when I publish a new video~

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Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

The basic steps to create these napkin rings are much easier to explain through video, but I’ll also attempt to explain the steps taken:

  1. Cut about 14 inches of jute twine and string ten wooden beads onto it.
  2. Center the beads on the string and set aside.
  3. Flatten a paper towel tube and cut two feet of jute twine.
  4. Wrap the jute twine around the flattened tube about ten times. Keeping the wrapped shape, carefully slide twine off tube.
  5. Take the ends of string from the strung wooden beads and pull the right string through the the top end of your tassel loop, then take the left string and pull it through the top also.
  6. Once you’ve tied the looped twine onto the beaded string, you can cut 12 inches of twine to create the tassel. Wrap the twine several times, not too many, but enough to get the look you want and tie it off.
  7. Finally, cut the bottom of the looped twine, even out the cut, and frizz the ends a bit to create your tassel.

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Easy DIY Boho Napkin Rings

This project is so easy and the final product looks amazing! Your kids can help with this project and then have fun eating a meal with cloth napkins. Thanks for checking out this post and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comment box below.

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