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DIY Wireless Wall Sconce Decorating Hack

The new wireless wall sconce is installed and turned on in the vintage farmhouse dining room space

DIY Wireless Wall Sconce Decorating Hack

We’ve lived in our northwest Arkansas home for almost three years and the dining room has been thoroughly used. It started out as my primary office space, but when I began planning and hosting parties and ladies luncheons, it was too much work to move my desk out and the table in, all the time. Then I made a farmhouse dining table, which means we have two large tables, and it’s just easier to keep them both downstairs, full time. So basically, I’ve accepted that the formal dining room is suited best as a dining space for our family’s needs.

However, when I host DIY parties, I like to decorate the space differently, each time. When the space was painted all Alabaster white by Sherwin Williams, it created a blank canvas that was really versatile, but it didn’t have enough depth for me. So, I got a wild hair one night, and decided to paint the main focal wall a black green (SW Jasper). It’s such a rich shade and even looks brown in some lighting and teal in some photographs – it’s a beautiful color, but I’m not totally sold that it will be a permanent fixture in the space. I’m currently toying with the idea of painting the entire space, including the ceiling and trim work, all one color. I haven’t found ‘the color’ so I’m not sure it’s that’s going to happen or not.

At this point, the space is beautiful to me and it definitely serves it’s purpose for our family, but there was still something missing. At one point, I tried adding a collection of open vintage frames to the side walls, but it was too busy with the picture frame molding. I’ve considered adding another skinny piece of molding inside the current molding… but Jeremy likes the simplicity of the current design. So, then I added some long metal candle sconces and used antique gold Rub-n-buff on the black metal to go with my style better, but all four were a bit too rustic and too much, for the feel of the space.

During this brainstorming time of trying to give the dining space a more finished look that felt complete to me, Jeremy noticed that my ‘anywhere light’ YouTube video was getting a tons of views, for whatever reason. It wasn’t a new video and I hadn’t done anything to promote it. So, we discussed how it would be great to publish another ‘anywhere light’ video that showed the new wireless bulbs that I now use and are much easier than velcroing a battery-operated puck light to the fixture. Then the proverbial lightbulb went off for me and I begin shopping for wall sconces. I knew that If I could find the right style of sconce, it would look amazing in the dining space.

As you may have guessed, I did find a double-light wall sconce that looks perfect in the space. I installed both sconces in the center portion of the wall treatment, placed at the center and at 72″ tall. Another option I considered was adding four single sconces to the space, one sconce at each end of the wall treatment, but that seemed too much and the double-light sconce just seemed like the right fit for the wall. There are so many wall sconce options to choose from, and this wireless light idea can be used with an old (or new) lamp, or a pendant fixture.

The wireless light fixture isn’t a new idea, especially not for me, but I created a new updated video because I think using a puck light and velcro is too much work, the magic bulbs also save on having to use batteries, and the magic bulb has a remote and three shades of brightness. The bulbs screw into any standard size fixture, and the warm shade looks just like a real light. There are a few ways to recharge the magic bulb; you can screw them into any plugged in lamp or you can screw them into this adapter that just plugs into an outlet.

I mentioned before that another option is a lamp. Consider using a magic bulb in a lamp in the middle of your living room arrangement if you don’t have a floor plug in or don’t like the tripping hazard of an extension cord. Or maybe a cute small lamp on your kitchen island or countertop would be a nice decorative touch. A lamp that is broken, maybe vintage, that doesn’t work but you love it – use a magic bulb and enjoy your piece again.

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Wireless wall sconce hack

These photos don’t really do the new lights justice. They look so right in the space and coordinate lovely with the brass chandelier. I’m so happy with how the space turned out and I’m so excited to share this hack with you! It’s a great way to add a light anywhere, like a child’s room, in an apartment or dorm room, in a small space, or as a test to determine if you want to eventually pay to have a fixture hard-wired on the wall. If you’re interested in seeing more of the dining space with the installed wall sconces, be sure to check out my YouTube video, I got some great wide-angled video so you can see both sconces at the same time.

If you’re thinking of adding a new light fixture, but aren’t sure if it’s the right fixture, feel free to email me or message me through Instagram or Facebook. I’m happy to help. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, I have so many fun DIYs and hacks to share throughout the year!

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