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DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

Do you love vintage mercury glass? Isn’t it beautiful… and expensive!? I really became aware of mercury glass when I was designing jewelry. I found the prettiest mercury glass beads on Etsy and they were spendy. I also felt like they were extra special, unique, and fragile. And since then, I’ve seen plenty of modern-day fabricated mercury glass things. The best part about DIY faux vintage mercury glass is that it’s very easy to do and very affordable. Using this easy faux mercury glass technique is another way to add a vintage look to your home, for less.

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass
DIY compote vase – Dollar Store bowl and candlestick

For my Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice tea party, I made some compote vases for the DIY craft time of the party. The craft was simple, flower arranging, but to stick with the regency tea theme, I wanted the vases to be special and connected to the regency era. So, I bought glass cereal bowls and glass candle stick holders from the Dollar Store. With a little E6000 glue, my compote vases were set, but the plain glass looked a little cheap and understated for the occasion. I set up a tarp outside, grabbed my supplies, and quickly had three compote vases looking like pretty mercury glass.

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass
Arrangement by Amy Jones

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass – Supplies

  • Glass vases (or whatever you’re transforming)
  • latex gloves
  • Looking Glass spray paint
  • white vinegar in a spray bottle
  • paper towels
  • plastic tarp

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass – Tutorial

  1. Lay out plastic tarp outside in a ventilated area.
  2. Wear latext gloves.
  3. Focus on a small area of your glass item, spray an even layer of the Looking Glass paint and immediately spray vinegar onto the wet spray paint.
  4. Using a spray bottle with a mist setting is best when applying the vinegar.
  5. Immediately blot the dripping vinegar from the glass. This will remove some of the paint, and most of the wetness from the vinegar.
  6. The glass doesn’t have to be completely dry before applying a second or even a third coat if desired. Just make sure it’s fairly dry between coats.
  7. That’s it! There’s no need to seal the paint, but it is NOT food or dishwasher safe. Allow to fully dry and then enjoy decorating with your new creation.
DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass
Prepare your outdoor area and start with clean glass.

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass
Spray just one side at a time so that the paint doesn’t dry.

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass
Immediately spray with white vinegar and then blot the liquid off.

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass – Video Tutorial

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass – More projects!

Here are some more lovely creations using a faux mercury glass technique. Each photo is linked back to the blog they came from. I love how pretty each project turned out and how creative you can get with this technique. I hope you enjoy the inspiration from these bloggers as much as I have.

This faux vintage mercury glass technique is for decorative purposes only, it should not be used on items for food. I’ve seen this technique done inside a glass jar and this is fine, but I wouldn’t use this will real candles. With any DIY craft, be careful to use safety precautions. I think this faux mercury glass finish would be awesome to repurpose glass food jars, Dollar Store glass decor, or even to give a new look to an old mirror or lamp. This technique could be used to create wedding or party decor as well. There are so many possibilities, and one bottle of spray paint goes a long way. If you’ve used this technique or are planning to, I’d love to know what you created in the comments below. I hope this post inspires your creativity and gives you some ideas to try out!

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