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DIY farmhouse bunk bed

DIY Farmhouse Bunk Bed

DIY farmhouse bunk bed

It seems like every kid likes bunk beds! I also love bunk beds! They are a great space saver and those custom-built ones are so amazing. Plank and Pillow created an amazing bunk for the buyers of their home when they sold it. And Our Faux Farmhouse whipped up farmhouse bunks and a desk area like it was nothing. I am not quite at the stage where I’m confident to take on building bunks from scratch, but I did have a vision to embellish an existing bunk bed and create my own DIY farmhouse bunk bed.

My future plans for this DIY farmhouse bunk bed is to add a flower box below the window and my teenaged daughter, Sawyer, suggested adding fairy lights. The fun thing about this bunk bed is that I can add festive holiday garland or change the bedding to give it a quick refresh. I may also add some artwork along the wall space of the upper bunk – we’ll see!

The third and final project for Quinn’s bedroom design is a DIY farmhouse bunk bed. The bunk bed I selected was cute from the start, but I wanted to modify it slightly to give it more of a farmhouse look and coordinate it with the rest of her bedroom. Here is the bunk bed that I purchased from Amazon:

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DIY Farmhouse Bunk Bed – custom steps:

  1. Assemble the Amazon bunk bed per the instructions – but do not install the 3 roof pieces. See photo below.
  2. The Home Depot cut my 1/2″ sheet of plywood to the exact dimensions I requested. The 39″ x 76″ sheet of plywood fit perfectly onto the floor of the top bunk. Be sure to sand the edges and top surface if necessary.
  3. Measure the width and length of the roof area to calculate how much plywood you’ll need.
  4. The Home Depot cut my 1/4″ plywood at 27″ so that I would just have to make the vertical cuts.
  5. I cut seventeen roof shutters at 4.5″ wide. You’ll want to cut the plywood with the pretty-side face down. Be sure to give the edges a sanding.
  6. These roof shutters are connected to 1″x2″x6′ pine boards using a brad nail gun. I used 3/4″ brad nails. The 6′ pine boards are 12 inches apart.
  7. Once the roof is constructed, use clamps to hold it onto the bunk bed roof frame.
  8. Finally, brad nail the roof along the top roof frame board and the bottom roof frame board. I used 1.25″ brad nails for this step.

    I also created a video to show each step as well as my daughter’s reaction to her DIY farmhouse bunk bed and her new bedroom design. Be sure to check it out and hit that Like button.

DIY farmhouse bunk bed
Assembled bunk bed without the roof

DIY Farmhouse Bunk Bed

The simple step of creating my own pine roof for this adorable bed transformed it into a sweet farmhouse bunk bed for my youngest daughter, Quinn. The bed coordinates nicely with the huge peg board I made for above her desk. Her desk chair also has a small pine colored accent around the edge as well as the pine midcentury modern desk legs. It’s all very subtle, but it makes me so happy when the details add balance to a space.

Quinn loves her bed, she loves using the top space to get dressed, to relax or “sleep”, and to play. When a bedroom is too small to use the linear footage, consider using the vertical footage to get more function out of the space. The video below shows you just how simple it was to create this DIY farmhouse bunk bed! If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them here on this post or on the YouTube video.

DIY farmhouse bunk bed

diy farmhouse bunk bed
diy farmhouse bunk bed

diy farmhouse bunk bed
diy farmhouse bunk bed

diy farmhouse bunk bed
diy farmhouse bunk bed

DIY Farmhouse Bunk Bed – Video Tutorial

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