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DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase

DIY Dollar Tree Decorative Vase

DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase

This DIY Dollar Store decorative vase is such a great project for kids to create and gift to their teacher or grandparent. I think it also makes a nice hostess gift for Thanksgiving because the hostess can assemble it after the hustle of the meal. Once the vase is decorated using puff paint and is completely dry, you can gather all the elements for this fun and creative gift, put them in a gift bag, and the recipient can put assemble anytime.

DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase

Growing up, we always had paperwhites around the house during the winter months. My dad liked teaching my brother and I about flowers and plants, and seasonal bulbs were no exception. Paperwhites are so pretty and simple, and very easy to grow inside when it’s too cold to grow flowers outside. I created the lacey floral pattern that I used on my Dollar Store vase, all you need to do is print it and cut it out prior to sliding it into the vase. My biggest tip for tracing the lace pattern with the tube of puff paint is to not squeeze out too much puff paint while tracing the lines of the design. The puff paint will spread a little bit and run into each other. So, keep your line thin while squeezing out the paint and the design will look great. The paint didn’t run during the drying period, I suppose that’s a perk of using puff paint!

DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase
DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase

Supplies for this decorative vase:

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DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase

Let me know what you think about this DIY gift idea! It’s also a fun fall break project to do with kids because the paperwhite bulbs grow rather quickly and it’s fun to watch the growth day by day. I think this project could create a beautiful winter centerpiece or a fresh way to style side or entry tables in your home. As long as there is natural light, your bulb will grow nicely in just a jar of rocks and water. You may also enjoy my How To Make Easy Succulent Arrangements post. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you leave inspired!

DIY Dollar Store Decorative Vase
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