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Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Create a free centerpiece with this recipe

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Using branches, weeds, and even produce to create centerpieces or spots of green around my home brings me great joy! I know it seems silly, but I love that something so beautiful and impactful doesn’t cost a thing. I recently realized it’s really easy for me to encourage others to snip some branches from their yard (or the side of the road like I’m known to do), but it’s not necessarily that easy to just cut and arrange wild stems. So, I wanted to create a post where I take the next step to actually help you arrange the stems. I think you will find it much easier to create a free centerpiece with this recipe to arrange your wild stems and clippings.

The other best part about this decorating idea (besides the free part) is that it’s not supposed to be perfect. Using natural branches and stems means there’s going to be an asymmetrical look to the arrangement. Bringing the wilderness into the home means you’re willing to not have a perfectly balanced and spaced floral arrangement or centerpiece that has been carefully put together. Every time I venture outside to grab some stems, I cut them longer than I need – that way I can trim whatever works best for the particular vase or bowl I’m using. I also use pruning shears to clip my stems – you can use scissors, but I prefer the strength of shears.

To help explain this recipe, I’ve created a few simple visuals with instructions. Keep in mind, this is more like a cooking recipe and not a baked goods recipe – it doesn’t have to be followed exactly or precisely, and it’s even better if you tweak it to your tastes!

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe – Shop:

You can use any pitcher, vase, bowl, or vessel you want to create your wild arrangement, but I wanted to give you the dimensions of this pitcher to give you perspective with the lengths of stems I used in this recipe. This pitcher from Hobby Lobby is 7″ tall with a 4.5″ wide opening. Here are some of my favorite containers:

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Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

For this recipe, I have used some farily long stems. I actually cut them at even longer lengths to begin with which gave me more options from my clippings. You’ll notice that there is an eight inch different between the tallest and middle branches, and a six inch difference between the middle and shortest branches. I prefer a wild asymmetrical look when I arrange branches and stems, so my tallest needs to be significantly taller to allow length for the branch to sag and lean. You could also create a smaller arrangement following the same pattern, but at a smaller scale: for instance, 24″, 20″, and 17″ lengths.

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

Create a Free Centerpiece with this Recipe

The great thing about an arrangement of branches is that it will last quite a while – just make sure to get them into water as soon as possible, remove lower leaves so they’re not in the water, and have plenty of water in your vessel for the stems to drink up. Another great thing about arrangements with branches or wild stems is that they work great with a few real or faux floral stems added in. The fresh sprawling greenery arrangement is so stunning and will add a flourish to an otherwise boring kitchen table. I love the height that branches provide and the shock of green brings so much life to any space. For the most part, free branches from my yard win out over expensive flowers any day. I hope you look at the trees and shrubs in your yard with a new eye, and if you scope out any branches that need thinning, make sure to consider decorating with your trimmings and create a free centerpiece with this recipe!

If you try out this recipe, take a quick pic and tag me on Facebook. I’d love to see your original creation!

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