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Chalk spray paint makeover

Chalk spray paint makeover

Dania couch with vintage metal cart side tables
Our mismatched side tables turned out pretty great painted the same color.
They’re a match now~

You know those people out there who are amazing at spray painting? I have never been one of those people, well maybe not until now. I’m pretty sure my painting skills have nothing to do with how great these side tables turned out and everything to do with the Rustoleum chalk spray paint I used.

I absolutely love industrial vintage style and I love these side tables. They are a little different, but similar enough to pass as a pair. And I thought they’d work even better as a pair if they were the same color (one was hot pink and the other was dark grey). I also wanted a matte finish to fit the style of the room, and there’s something so soft and rich about the chalk paint finish.

I used three cans to paint two coats on two side tables. They’re not perfect, don’t look too close, but I love the way they turned out! Besides, I have two kiddos so we’re not going for ‘perfect’ around here anyway. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from and then your piece is ready to go after drying for 24 hours.

I used the Chiffon Cream – it’s a rich creamy white, but it’s not cream.

Do you have any spray paint projects you’re planning? Does chalk spray paint sound like a good fit for your project? I’d love to see and hear about your projects!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope it was helpful or inspiring~

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