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Best Washable Rugs and Grippers

Entry way picture with washable rug

Best Washable Rugs and Grippers

Let’s chat about rugs. Rugs are one of the most difficult decisions I come across when designing a space. A rug can totally pull a room together and it can add so much function, they are sometimes essential in a space. I struggle with leaning towards form over function, and the price tag plays a big role in my decision too! However, when it comes to the entry points of our home as well as our bathrooms, I think I’m sold on washable rugs from here on out. And the best part is that they are coming out with so many beautiful designs to choose from.

Keep in mind that washable rugs have different textures. For instance, I selected a stunning runner for our hallway, it had soft vintage colors and a lovely pattern, but the texture was too soft and fuzzy. Every little piece of dry grass or splinter would get stuck in the soft texture and those don’t just wash out. I got so tired of picking them out by hand, it was a never-ending chore. I decided to replace it with a printed smooth washable rug and that solved my problem.

The next dilemma was getting the thin and smooth washable rugs to stay put. I have used rug tape and rug grippers before, but it drove me nuts having adhesive on the wood floors and then having to stick and re-stick them to mop got old pretty fast. I wanted a solution that only stuck to the rug, but not the floor, and I’m thrilled to report that I found the most awesome rug grippers ever! A bonus point for these grippers, that I didn’t consider, is that they can stay on when you wash the rugs. The manufacturer claims they can stay on for many washes, so we’ll see with the wet spring months coming up. I just love how well these stick without using adhesive and it’s so easy to move them to mop whenever I need to. I love these things, their vacuum technology is truly brilliant.

I can’t speak for other washable rugs, but I’ve purchased two runners and two area rugs from this Amazon seller and I love them. You can click on any of the rug photos below to check out the details and various sizes they offer, as well as the best rug grippers ever.

Now this last one is from a different seller, but I think it’s going to be great. I love the pattern and colors for our primary bathroom because it complements the big changes I’ve been working on in our primary bedroom. I’ll let you know how it goes once it arrives.

There are so many rugs out there that are stunning, but the function and durability of washable rugs outweighs everything for me. One thing I want to be clear on is that the design on these particular rugs is printed on, which means that with wear it can begin to fade. I personally love this trait because my rugs end up looking vintage and cozy if that makes sense. And the fact that they can be washed and not track in viruses, bacteria, and fungus all over your flooring makes me so happy. Washable rugs are here to stay and I’m all for it – it’s just a no-brainer for our family and lifestyle. Thanks for checking out this post, I really hope it was helpful.

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