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Beautiful DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

Beautiful fall DIY decorating ideas

Beautiful DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

August is probably too early to bust out the fall touches around the house, but it’s never too early to plan! This fall, I’m relying heavily on rust, blush, and beige colors. Fall colors are my favorite, and it’s difficult to not use all of them, but when it comes to my home – I tend to enjoy a focused approach and this way feels more cozy at the end of the day for me. You already know that using throw blankets, pillows, candles, and decor can add fall vibes to your home, but I want to share some fun DIY ideas to add a personal fall touch to the walls in at least one space in your home. These beautiful DIY fall decorating ideas are affordable, doable, and stunning!

Beautiful DIY Fall Decorating Ideas – For the walls

Let’s talk about garland! Garland is an awesome accessory to dress up your mantel, console, banister, or even your walls. My favorite thing about this beautiful DIY fall decorating idea is that it costs about $3 to make and it’s so pretty you guys! I stumbled upon this DIY by Lauren Conrad and I’m so glad I did. You can recycle your brown paper grocery bags or you can buy a roll of kraft paper from the Dollar Store like I did. Can’t beat free or $1~ And then I picked up beige pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby. Just grab a pair of scissors and a glue gun and you’re ready to create. I’m not going to replay Lauren’s steps, you can visit her site to see the instructions, but I will say that it helps to keep your glue gun on low heat and to not over-think the process, just go for it. Younger kids can help too, they can crumple up the leaves (which gives them texture and shape) and wrap the pipe cleaners around a pen to create the coils. I created this six foot fall garland in under an hour. My garland has 13 leaves varying in size and seven coils. You will love how natural the garland shapes up and hangs on your wall, over your mantel, or down your table to create a unique tablescape!

The two pillows on the right are new from Target. The hydrangeas in the wall tins are from my yard and dried in place.

This vintage gold frame will be getting a vintage fall print – love Sam’s Club for affordable prints!

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Beautiful DIY Fall Decorating Ideas – For the walls

Do you love seasonal wall art? I love some of it, and I enjoy just a few pieces sprinkled around, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them either. The thing I love about this beautiful DIY fall decorating idea is that you can upcycle an old canvas or picture, and you can enjoy some of your blooms inside the house. Dena of Fletcher Creek Cottage created the most simple and lovely fall wall art I’ve seen. She uses fall leaves and wheat stems to create a symmetrical beauty to adorn her wall. I love how it’s simple, but adds just the perfect fall touch. You can find the full tutorial here. And here’s a photo of her masterpiece to entice you over to her site to see just how easy it is to make yourself!

This one is so easy for the Cricut folks out there! I think I need a Cricut… Anyway, this wall hanging could also be a no-sew project if you don’t have a sewing machine – just use a glue gun! I found this beautiful DIY fall decorating idea on Better Homes and Gardens! I’m not sure who to credit the idea to, but it’s so fun and can be totally customized! The instructions say to use iron-on letters, but I’m sure a Cricut could do an awesome job with custom fonts and size. I’m going to make one for my office so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what fabric and saying I come up with. I’m going to sew a top and bottom casing to put dowels in, but I think you could just as easily glue the fabric around the dowels too.

And finally, perhaps the easiest and most whimsical DIY fall idea for your walls is attaching faux fall leaves in a breezy pattern across the wall. Sarah of Grace in My Space uses faux leaves to add fall vibes to her beautiful entryway. I love the way they flow in from the door, through the mirror and up. It’s such a fun touch and I love that you can install this design anywhere you want a touch of fall and whimsy. I have already found my bunch of blush and beige fall leaves from WalMart – just waiting until September to put them up. I like to slowly transition into fall, little touches here and there, just a room at a time. You can find my version of a fall wall leaf display on Instagram next month! For inspo now, check out Sarah’s beautiful entryway and how she used different colors and shapes of faux leaves!

Well, that’s my little round-up of easy and festive fall decorating ideas for your walls. I have also ordered some free prints of fall vintage landscapes to place in a few frames around the house. You can see those on Instagram next month too! If you’re curious now, you can see them below, from Allison of Designed Simple. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful DIY fall decorating ideas for the walls – they definitely inspired me! Thank you for checking out this post and don’t forget to pin any of the pictures for future inspiration~

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