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Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining


Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

Creating your own awesome tiered plate stand for entertaining could not be easier. The possibilities for this DIY project are endless. My intention was to use a few stands at my Christmas party to display some appetizers and then I wanted to use some stands for gifts and to display cookies for family and friends. And then we all got Covid. So, my plans came to a halt – who wants cookies from a Covid house, and who has energy to do all that baking when you’re under the weather? I still love this project and my tiered plate stand can be used year-round too. In fact, once the party is rescheduled, I’ll still use the tiered plate stand for the caprese bites!

To complete this project, you only need a few things that you probably don’t have on hand. Each tiered tray connector can hold three plates. As you can see in my photos, I only made a stand with two plates. You could also use a bowl at the top section and use it for dip or salsa. So many options to customize this awesome tiered plate stand for entertaining. The great part about this project is that you can pick the plates that go with your party or style, and you can easily disassemble the stand to wash and store it. I originally hoped to use some fun vintage plates, but they turned out to be more expensive than new ones from Home Goods – and vintage isn’t everyone’s style. There are several colors for the tiered plate stand connectors. I chose black over silver, gold, or brass, but you can pick whatever you prefer. The final tool I needed was a special drill bit to drill into the ceramic plates.

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Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining – Steps and tips

The steps are simple, and I have a few tips after doing this myself. Find the center of each plate and use a dry erase marker to mark the plate. To help prevent tear out on the underside of the plate, add some painter’s tape and make sure the wood underneath is touching the plate. I had to use a smaller piece of scrap wood to fit the plate. Be sure to drill the hole in a ventilated area and use eye protection and a mask – you’re drilling ceramic and glass, so you don’t want to breath in the particles. Also drill straight down as best as possible. And once you get all the way through the plate, I just removed the bit from the drill instead of pulling the bit back up through the plate. Clean the plates and then add the connectors. And when you add the connectors to the plates, you may want to add metal washers underneath each plate to prevent wobbliness. Don’t over-tighten the connectors, it will place unnecessary pressure on the plate and may make it difficult to disassemble. That’s it, so easy. Be sure to watch the video and leave me a comment~

Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

Awesome Tiered Plate Stand for Entertaining

It’s that easy and very fun to whip out these custom tiered plate trays. Picking out plates is so much fun and you can tailor your choices if it’s a gift or a special event. My husband initially rolled his eyes because he imagined one more thing in the kitchen, but all you have to do is disassemble and the tiered tray stores quite nicely. These make such great gifts, and you will love getting a little crafty making them too. Thanks so much for checking out this post, I hope it brought you inspiration and joy.

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