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Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This DIY turned out beautifully and I intend to create more in the future. To create this amazing DIY candle holder centerpiece, I used San Pellegrino sparkling water bottles and some wine bottles. If you want to upcycle your glass bottles, create a stunning centerpiece display, and show your kids science in action, this DIY is one to check out. When the glass bottle is cut and sanded, you can use them as candle holders, vases, and more. When cutting and sanding glass, there are some inherent risks, so be sure to use proper protective gear and use caution if you attempt this DIY project.

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

A friend gave me a clear wine bottle and it cut perfectly. Another friend gave me a few darker colored wine bottles and they were more difficult to cut. So, the lesson learned is that the thicker the glass, the longer it takes to cut. The Pellegrino bottles also cut perfectly and quickly and I love the fresh green color! It would have been amazing to have amber, gold, olive, clear, and burgundy glass candle holders, but that vision will take some time to collect and create.

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

The hardest part of this process is removing the sticker label. The most effective method was to wipe a little liquid hand soap onto the label and then submerge the glass bottle into a pitcher full of hot water. When I did this and let it soak overnight, the label and all the sticky adhesive fell right off the bottle. No hassle. The problem came when I lost patience and didn’t want to wait a whole night to soak off a label. It is also easier to have all your labels removed, and the glass cleaned, dried, and ready to be cut. Doing each step to all your bottles is easier than doing one bottle at a time, start to finish.

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Amazing Recycled Wine Bottle Centerpiece

With the help of my daughter, Sawyer, I created this video showing the steps and how I cut glass using simple science. You can also refer to the tutorial below if that’s easier:

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Steps to cut glass bottles:

  1. Rinse bottle, completely remove label and adhesive, and dry the outside.
  2. Adjust glass cutting blade to score the bottle where you want the glass cut.
  3. Slowly turn the bottle toward you to score the glass with the blade. You can hear it cutting.
  4. Add the rubber rings to guide the water only around the scored cut line.
  5. Prepare your glass breaking area (lay down a hand towel under a shallow Tupperware container so that when the glass breaks, it will fall onto the towel).
  6. Boil a pot of hot water.
  7. Fill a pitcher with cubed ice and then cold water.
  8. Once the water is boiling, carefully poor some boiling water into a large measuring glass.
  9. Set the bottom of your bottle on one edge of the shallow container, and hold the bottle handle so that you can turn the glass while pouring water onto it.
  10. The shallow container will catch the water you pour onto the scored line.
  11. Start with hot water, and slowly pour hot water onto the scored line making it hot. You will see the bottle gather steam.
  12. Then immediately pour the ice water onto the scored line. Once you think the bottle has cooled, you switch back to adding the boiling water. Changing the temperature this quickly is what expands and shrinks the glass causing it to break.

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With virtual learning going on, this might also be a fun experiment and craft to share with your kids. My daughters loved watching me break glass and I let them help me with the safe parts of the process. The glass cutter I purchased on Amazon came with everything I needed; the stand and blade, gloves, rubber guides, and sand paper. This $20 investment was well worth it for me as I intend to recycle more glass bottles in the future. And it’s a steal compared to buying several glass candle holders. I wanted to create a simple tablescape, using what I already had, recycling stuff around the house, and with just a few fun DIY projects to make it uniquely ours. I made the wood bead and tassel napkin holders in less than 20 minutes and I just love how they turned out. The only things purchased were the floating candles and the eucalyptus. I found the eucalyptus for just $5 at The Fresh Market.

Eucalyptus dries so nicely! I added some of these pieces around our pumpkins.

After creating this tablescape and taking my photos, my sweet husband picked up some Thai food so that our family could enjoy take-out at our beautiful table. We haven’t shared a family dinner at a table since we moved out here to Arkansas because we usually eat at the kitchen island. Staying in this apartment while we wait for our house build to finish has been harder in some ways and easier in others, but I do miss the luxury of having a kitchen table to share meals with my family. I so look forward to doing that again, very soon.

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