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Amazing patio furniture makeovers

Amazing patio furniture makeovers

Amazing patio furniture makeovers

Any decorating or DIY projects for the porch or patio usually come in last place on my list. In Oregon, it’s usually too cool or windy to just relax outside so I’ve never invested too much into decorating or designing our outdoor spaces. But now that we’re in Northwest Arkansas, I need to make some plans for the new house! I have found some amazing patio furniture makeovers that have inspired me and I hope will inspire you as well.

The back patio of the home we’re building is a wonderful size and it looks out over farmland with cows. We’re so excited to have such a peaceful setting and spacious backyard. I know we need to make the most of this space and to do so I need to plan it out. We also need to stick to a budget, so I’m hoping to find some thrifty DIY projects to personalize our outdoor space and make it a desirable space to spend time together.

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Amazing patio furniture makeovers

I have found some very talented ladies who have tackled some amazing patio furniture makeovers. And if you love their DIY project, you’re in luck because they show you step by step including the items you’ll need to make it happen. I would love to know which amazing patio furniture makeover is your favorite, please leave a comment below to let me know!

First up is this awesome fire pit cover by Katie at Addicted 2 DIY. I love the concept of a firepit, but I don’t see our family using one on a frequent basis. However, I love the idea of having one if it can double as a table when not in use. And best of all, Katie makes it look so easy and doable.

The idea of building furniture may be overwhelming, but Angela from Angela Marie Made makes this DIY outdoor couch seem achievable. I love this style, the simple modern lines with comfy cushions. With her blueprint, you could create perfectly sized pieces to fit your outdoor space.

If you haven’t owned one of these glass top metal framed outdoor tables, I’m sure you know someone who has. I think the concept is great, so easy to clean and they withstand weather well, but the look may not fit your style. Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane has taken her glass table and elevated it to the most beautiful tile-topped farmhouse patio table I’ve seen. Deb and her husband explain and show photos of this amazing makeover step by step.

Small cozy patios are so cute and quaint. A little café table is all you really need to set down your sweet tea, right?! Carrie from Lovely etc. shows us how she transformed this cozy café table into something darling. It’s more than just spray paint, she replaces the wood slats in the chairs too giving this set even more life!

The classic picnic table is such a family favorite. There’s something about a picnic table that just makes you want to sit down to eat, chat, or play games. And this picnic table refresh by Ashley from Little Miss Momma is so pretty with a wow-factor that will have you wonder why you haven’t transformed your own old wood table. This table makeover is so cheery and approachable!

Pallet furniture is so awesome and it’s a great way to repurpose and achieve a boho, industrial, or even farmhouse vibe. Jacinda and Jamie at Pretty Prudent created this pallet daybed for the back patio. I love the casters and pipe armrests. They make this DIY look so simple and it just looks so cozy and fun.

Another stunning cafe table transformation with paint makes such a huge difference. Rachel from The Crafted Life not only energizes this outdoor set with awesome color choices, but she completely elevates the space with sidewalk chalk. I can’t ever look at plain grey cinder blocks the same way again~ Such a charming space!

Last, but certainly not least is this simple yet stunning outdoor side table by Krista from The Happy Housie. This piece looks like something from Restoration Hardware or Arhaus! This barkless stump has been sanded a bit, the top finished, and made moveable with casters. Krista provides all the details in her post. As someone who was born and raised in the pacific northwest where logging is big and our forests are held dear, this repurposed log gives me all the feels!

There are some seriously amazing patio furniture makeovers out there to inspire, encourage, and show you how to create them yourself. I hand-picked these favorites to share because they have gotten my creative juices flowing. Leave me a comment below and share your favorite. I’m not sure I can pick one, they’re all so awesome!

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