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Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Affordable and easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

So, you’ve purchased all the gifts, and now have the monumental task of finding boxes and wrapping them all up. It doesn’t quite seem fair after all the work of selecting and shopping~ I have a love/hate thing for wrapping gifts. On one hand, I have to be in the mood to get some serious wrapping done for the holidays. Yet, overall wrapping gifts and creating a pretty presentation is something I love doing all year long. One thing that helps me is having all the tools ready to go so that when I’m motivated and ready to wrap, I can just go for it. There are a few ways to have beautiful, affordable and easy Christmas gift wrapping, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

The biggest tip is finding affordable wrapping paper. I love wrapping paper that can be used year-round. This way, I always have paper on-hand, and I don’t feel obligated to use leftover Christmas wrap the next year. I have to admit that I do enjoy just walking down the wrapping paper aisle at stores to admire the designs. But this year I went with brown kraft paper from the Dollar Tree. I use this stuff as table runners, wrapping boxes to ship, and of course presents. Brown paper packages tied up with string was my go-to this year. You can doodle designs if you’re artistic (or even if you’re not) or just add some string, ribbon, yarn, or embellishments to make the package pretty.

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping – Free printable tags

For the gift tag, I love it when they coordinate with the wrapping paper’s style and look a little more special than something store-bought. Don’t get me wrong, many stores carry lovely tags, and I’m not shaming store-bought tags~ But if you have a printer and some cardstock, you can customize and hand-pick your tags. I love, it’s my go-to resource for so many things (including wall art), and while the style is vintage, there are also tons of free images out there and free tags on Pinterest. As you know, I love vintage, so I pulled together some of my favorite Christmas images from The Graphics Fairy and put them together for you to print too. And if you’re crazy like me, you can even upload these images into and add your own text. This year I used a number for each of my girls so that they wouldn’t know which gifts were theirs. I thought I was being sneaky, but they didn’t even care. Although, I suspect if I had printed their names on the tags there would be a lot more messing with the gifts under the tree.

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

For many years now, we’ve stuck to the four-gift rule. Each child gets: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. I first heard about this idea from one of my favorite bloggers and have done it ever since. My kids have never complained or asked why they’re getting only four gifts. I love the concept for so many reasons, but mainly because it keeps the focus off of gifts a little bit and helps us to remember what the gifts represent and the reason for the season, Jesus Christ’s birth. I love thoughtful gifts, and when I’m only limited to getting four for a child, it causes me to put more thought and effort into my selections. I also give little advent gifts, but they’re nothing too special and our family enjoys the countdown and the anticipation in the waiting.

Click on this image to open the PDF and then print.

The best part about saving money on my dollar store kraft brown paper, is that I got to splurge on some ribbon and embellishments. I already had some of the ribbon, but I found some great deals on Amazon and the ribbon will work for things all year long. I have shared some of the items I could still find online in case you see something you like, but you can also just observe the wrapping technique and if you like it, copy it and use whatever you have on hand. I hope you’re feeling encouraged to wrap up those thoughtful gifts, and to save a little money while doing it too.

Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping – Shop this post

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Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Thank you so much for checking out my post! I’d love to know if you coordinate your wrapping paper with your tree or Christmas decor, do you get whatever you think is cute, or do you have a different way of choosing your wrapping paper? I love the simple brown paper we have this year and I like the understated way it looks under the tree. Well, that’s a wrap, Merry Christmas!

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