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5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Do you enjoy crafts around the holidays? My biggest problem is that there never seems to be enough time to make all the things I have in mind. But this year, I wanted to take some time to create some DIY Christmas ornaments, and most are kid-friendly which means my girls get to whine about helping me and then end up having more fun making them than me! These 5 fun DIY Christmas ornaments are easy, affordable, and any skill-level can make them. I love all things vintage, so you’ll see a vintage flair on some of the ornaments. Most of the materials can be found at local craft stores or even WalMart, but I did purchase the gold leaf foil from Amazon because it was a great size and had good reviews! I also made short videos of each ornament in case it helps to see how it’s done. But I promise you, they’re all easy and I know you’ll enjoy making them. The only trouble will be deciding whether to keep it or gift it.

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments – Mini snow globe

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Well, it’s not exactly a globe, but you get the idea. This one is my favorite. I love miniature things, my doll house growing up was my prized possession and not just because my uncle built it for me, but because I loved making mini things for it and saving my lawn-mowing money to buy furniture for it from Oregon Craft and Floral (the only craft store in my home town when I was young, later on came the others and then OCF was out). I found the globe from the Dollar Tree and grabbed the last four. The good news is that they sell them online, but in bulk. Just get your glue gun and you’re ready to create! Here’s a list of the supplies used:

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments – Sequin ball

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Out of all five DIY Christmas ornaments, this one is the most time consuming and monotonous, but it’s a great ornament to make while chatting because it takes zero concentration. When I was a kid, my mom made a ton of these one year. I helped her and at first it was fun, and then after a while my fingers hurt. Well, the difference now is that I’m using a dense foam ball which makes it super easy to push the pins into, and the pins are much shorter. My mom also used Elmer’s glue to help everything stick, but the dense foam does a better job of keeping everything in. If I were to make one of these again, I would add the step of applying a layer of glue stick to a small section first. Once you cover that glue stick section with sequins, then you can glue stick another section, etc. I only had one pin fall out without the glue, but I think it would be better long-term to use a glue stick on this one. I also didn’t fully cover every bit of foam with the sequins. I didn’t mind some white showing throw, but it’s all about preference. I also used a small foam ball, but there are many sizes and a few shapes you could consider for this DIY ornament. Here’s a list of supplies and the short video on this one so that you can see the process I used to tackle this monotonous ornament – it went by very quickly this way.

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments – Clothespin people

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

I’m not artistic, can’t draw, paint, or sculpt, so I was most nervous about this DIY ornament. It was so cute though, so I had to try and I’m so glad I did because it was fun and turned out cute. Well, my teenager thought it was cute, but my seven-year-old said it was kinda creepy. Never ask a critique~ Anyway, I would like to make one for each member of our family, I think it would be fun to see them each year. My husband shaves his head, so his would be the easiest to paint, and all the girls can have top-buns (I’m not going for too realistic). Anyway, the short video shows you the order that I put this one together. The paint dries pretty quickly too. The sky is the limit on how creative you want to get on this one. The video doesn’t show it, but I just used a glue gun to add the little wooden bead for the hair bun, and then an eye hook was twisted into that bead hole (with dry glue gun glue) to hang it. The skirt is some vintage trim I’ve had forever, but you could use fabric, crepe paper, or lace (or paint on some pants/shorts!). Here’s the list of supplies and a short video:

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments – Vintage tart tin

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

I just love how this looks like it’s been the family for years, and it comes together quickly! With all the tea parties I’ve been hosting you would have thought I’d have done tarts by now, but not yet. However, tart tins are cheap and can be used for more than just baking. I love the shiny metal and fluted edge; it just screams Christmas. So, I drilled a hole to add the hook later and once again gathered my supplies and glue gun. I could do a whole tree of just these, in different sizes and designs inside the tin – it could be adorable. Anyway, here’s a list of the supplies and a short video to see it put together:

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments – Gold leaf ball

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Out of all 5 fun DIY Christmas ornaments, this one may look like the most difficult one, but I assure you – it’s not. This one is so cool because the ball is plastic, the paint was $.99 and the gold leaf was so fun and easier than you’d think. You could use glass balls for this one, but the plastic look like glass and they can’t break upon falling. I also spray painted the metal top gold to match the gold leaf, but it’s not necessary to do so. And while you can use any color of acrylic craft paint, you may want to consider what will look best with the gold leaf (like maybe not yellow paint). Otherwise, go for any color of your choosing, even yellow if that’s your thing, and while this one is drying, you can start on one of the other 5 fun DIY Christmas ornaments! Here’s the supply list and a short video to get you started:

5 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Well, that’s a wrap and I hope you’re inspired. These 5 fun DIY Christmas ornaments are fun to make with kids, friends, family, or just while you’re watching Christmas movies. With so much to do this holiday season, I sincerely hope you have time to do some of the things you enjoy most, and if crafting is one of them, I hope these DIY ornaments got your creative juices flowing. Be sure to pin any of the images for later and if you haven’t signed up already, please subscribe for my weekly email with decorating, design, and DIY inspiration! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Ang December 8, 2021 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    I can’t decide which one I love the most! We have a handful of homemade “snow globes” from Avery’s elementary days and I cherish each one of them. So, I might be a bit partial to the first one. And I love the elegance of the last one. The gold with the blue is so pretty. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Amy December 9, 2021 at 11:04 pm - Reply

      I love the snow globe one too! Thanks for sharing~

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